Brief: Brand / Artist Partnership
We were brought in by Brooklyn Brothers to help source a brand ambassador from the world of music to help launch the Jaguar XE. They wanted a strong British artist with a global following who would participate in a campaign based around ‘exhilaration’; the key branding message of the new marque.

We went through a lengthy research and development process with the agency and brand looking at numerous A list artists to find the perfect fit for the campaign. We need to align a number of practical issues with cultural fit. We brokered a deal with multi-platinum artist Emeli Sande. This deal would encapsulate a few different elements:

  • Creating a bespoke track using inspiration from a social media campaign for fans to message her with ideas about what makes them feel exhilarated.
  • Image rights and car photoshoot
  • Two performances of the new track at live Jaguar events
  • Media days to promote campaign

See Emeli’s amazing performance of the bespoke track on the Thames in front of the London Eye.