Brief:  We were originally brought in to deliver original composition for the opening CGI sequence of the game; but this later evolved to providing original composition for other trailers and the global TVC.

Solution:  We worked closely with various different teams to create music and sound design that worked together around the intense dialogue of the opening sequence.  As the project developed we also looked after all the audio aspects of the in-game sequence including sound design, voiceover, audio localisation, 5.1 and stereo audio mixing.  This sequence was so powerful that the team decided to utilise it as a trailer.

We then went on to create a number of tracks for a documentary style trailer, and developed other bespoke compositions for trailer assets.  We also composed an original Rock/EDM hybrid track for the global launch TVC.

Results:  Whilst the game itself has had mixed reviews the marketing campaign has been widely considered a success.  We’re really pleased with our work, check out our music and let us know what you think.